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  • Size based on longest dimension from edge to edge
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, gif, jpeg.
    We will print exactly what is uploaded. (only upload images you have rights for use) Do NOT reverse image, we will do that on our end. :)
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Ready to Press Sublimation Transfer

What is Sublimation?
-Sublimation consists of specialized ink and paper; once exposed to heat and pressure the inks turn into a gas and permanently fuse into POLYESTER fibers.
-The Fabric will feel exactly the same before and after printing, there is no texture to sublimation as it simply dyes the fibers.
-The higher the poly content in the fabric, the more vibrant the colors.
-These can be applies to a variety of items, shirts, pillowcases, poly coated car tags, etc.

-Heat Press (no iron)
-White or Light Colored Fabric (white and light heather grey are the best choices)
-Garment MUST be at least 50% polyester, the higher the poly content the more vibrant the colors (lower poly content gives a vintage look).

Instructions: (detailed version shipped with order)
– 385-400┬ádegrees F
– 45-55 seconds
– medium pressure


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